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She of the Rib: Women Unwrapped

Fun and provocative poetry that focuses on women in general, rather than mothers in particular. Though I wrote this for women at midlife, it's proven to be popular with those at the diapers-and-self-doubt-stage as well as those who are wrapping up their "bucket list."  She of the Rib is funny, frank, brooding, and belligerent--kind of like the most exemplary women I know! 
Topics such as self esteem, body image, domestic abuse, midlife angst, and relationships make this a great choice for book clubs. 
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Existence 101

Here’s what I think:
God put us here to do more than take up space
and mow grass.
We are here to contribute something.
Teachers, doctors, scientists, artists--all shoo-ins.
Pro ballplayers, fashion designers--on shaky ground.
Most of us fall somewhere in between.
Yesterday, for example, I made my family’s favorite dessert,
smiled at a solemn old man,
and let three strangers go ahead of me in the turn lane.
Today, however, I fear I owe the universe a sizable debt
for the peace, love, and joy my black mood
sucked straight out of the ozone.
So be it.
We are not perfect, and there is no grade.
There is only opportunity.
Carpe carefully.

Copyright 2006 by Jayne Jaudon Ferrer




Dew on the Kudzu:  "Funnier than heck . . . any poem that uses the words 'feeble-brained jerk' to describe a cheating husband, well, that wins me right over." —Miss Idgie, reviewer of all things Southern. To read the complete review, click here.

 "...a bittersweet, yet joyful evocation of Southern womanhood. A vivid nosegay to keep beside your pillow."  Author and star of Designing Women, Dixie Carter

"I've always been missing the poetry appreciation gene, but it kicked in for this book!"  Actress/Author Marcia Wallace




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